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MaineMark Inc.

MaineMark Inc. is a consulting and developmental company based in Bangor, Maine.  MaineMark has developed and owns the TimberMark™ patented technology.  TimberMark™ is currently under a long term lease agreement with business partner CPS Timberland Division.  

TimberMark™ is a helicopter-mounted device designed to replace or compliment traditional aerial and/or ground application treatments by producing a precision paint or herbicide application. As a paint delineation tool, TimberMark™ produces a highly accurate and visible mark that is evident from the ground as well as from the air. TimberMark™ herbicide applications provide an increase in accuracy and reduced pesticide usage where precise spot applications are needed (compared to traditional aerial techniques). This technology brings a new level of efficiency, productivity, safety and environmental stewardship to any project requiring visible boundaries or ultra precise aerial herbicide application.

For more information or to discuss how to incorporate this new technology into your program, please contact Dick Shampine, Senior Military Consultant, 315 569-8846, e-mail,

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